Frequently Asked Questions is a discounted secondary Gift Card Exchange created for you to SELL Gift Cards for top market value and BUY discounted Gift Cards for most national brands, restaurants and merchants.

Also, your card will be sold at a discount, helping people make and save money by using our site.  

We never sell cards back to the retailers, and we guarantee at least 5% in savings on every card that is purchased from Gift Card Giant.  

Our mission is to help people.  Get what you really want, and NEVER pay full price again!

About half of the gift cards and merchandise return cards that are issued in the United States go unredeemed. That is billions of dollars just sitting on issued cards that can only be used at the specific retailer that holds that balance.

Gift Card Giant is giving people a way to use these funds the way they want to.  Get paid for your cards and use the money where you want to.

Please check the back of your card to distinguish if it is a gift card or a Merchandise Return Card.  Terms for use of the card will be stated there.

Merchandise Return Cards are issued when merchandise is returned to the store for a credit.  

Gift Cards are purchased for the amount paid in credit. 

Some retailers have restrictions for use of Merchandise cards, such as: They can only be used on certain products, or only used in store (not online) for purchases.  

Also, some merchants require the person that was issued the card to be the only person that is able to redeem it. That is why some brands are not accepted in the form of Merchandise Return cards on exchange sites.

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Submit the Gift Card name, number, PIN and Value.
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Your card is now in process for verification & you’ll receive email notification once it is completed.

We do accept merchandise cards to most national brands. Check our list of accepted retailers.

Unfortunately, at this time we only accept most NATIONAL BRANDS.  Please check our list of retailers to see if we accept your card. reserves the right to decline taking Gift Cards based on brand, store, location, amount, seller and risk. It is rare, but there are some cards that we will deny.

There are multiple possibilities for a delay in processing that are mostly related to risk. It is possible our processing and fraud department needs more time to approve some people due to past activity and transactions.

Some travel Gift Cards have also had issues, so Gift Card Giant reserves the right to hold (Hotel, Airline or Cruise Gift Cards) for up to 30 days.

Please double check the numbers entered from the information in your GiftCardGiant account. If you still have problems, see our Return Policy under Terms and Conditions of Use. Email, call or chat our support  team for more questions.

Every Gift Card value at is verified and authenticated before being sold to you.

We currently accept the following forms of payment:

Credit Card Purchase (Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, Discover)


Mailed check

Cash app



All sales are final. We will not refund any funds unless there is a claim that meets the criteria in our Refund Policy.

The balance on any Gift Card is authenticated by GiftCardGiant before any sale.

There are NO additional costs involved. You will actually save between 5 and 25% on every gift card that you purchase at a discount on our site, once you redeem them at the merchant site/store.

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Your payment process is now going through our Merchant processor to approve your payment and our Cyber Security Fraud division for approval. You will receive an email for your purchase after approval.

Your card is now in process for delivery. If it is an ecard it will be available in your Dashboard under My Account. If it is a physical card, it will be in our shipping department to retrieve the card and send it to you USPS at no charge. After it clears our shipping department, it should take approximately 3-5 business days for regular USPS mail to arrive.

When it says Paid in your account, that means your transaction has been approved by our merchant for payment and our first level of fraud detection. This does not mean payment has been transferred to your account nor does it mean that you are through the verification and payment process.

GiftCardGiant goes through the security and verification process first, so the time associated with the payment process can vary based on many variables including fraud, incorrect information, card type, transaction type and many other factors. On your initial sale, the process of card and identity verification can take a few days before transfer to the payout department. If the amount on the card does not match what has been represented, a delay may result. (See our Terms and Conditions Pages for all disclaimers related to payment.) We strive to pay our customers in 3 to 5 business days (for an ACH payment) but the card and seller must be verified first. If you are a repeat seller, you may receive sooner and in some instances, within 48 hours.

Some orders take longer due to an approval process by both our processor and fraud department. Some industries such as Travel, which includes Airlines, Cruises and Hotels, require 30 day or more holding periods.

You will usually receive payment by your choice of ACH transfer, bank check, CashApp or any other of our payment providers you choose that are available to you.

The amount of money offers you is up to 90% of the Gift Card value. The value varies based on store, brand or demand.  You have a choice to cancel before you get to the Confirmation page.