How long does it take to receive payment after I sell my Gift Card(s)?

GiftCardGiant goes through the security and verification process first, so the time associated with the payment process can vary based on many variables including fraud, incorrect information, card type, transaction type and many other factors. On your initial sale, the process of card and identity verification can take a few days before transfer to the payout department. If the amount on the card does not match what has been represented, a delay may result. (See our Terms and Conditions Pages for all disclaimers related to payment.) We strive to pay our customers in 3 to 5 business days (for an ACH payment) but the card and seller must be verified first. If you are a repeat seller, you may receive sooner and in some instances, within 48 hours.

Some orders take longer due to an approval process by both our processor and fraud department. Some industries such as Travel, which includes Airlines, Cruises and Hotels, require 30 day or more holding periods.